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wyszukajPionowo = VLOOKUP

Welcome to my website.
I'm business analyst and VBA programmer. It’s a part of my job and also one of my hobbies. The website is mostly focused on explaining useful Excel formulas, simple examples of my work with VBA macros and articles. Unfortunetly most of Excel links are in Polish but feel free to look around and contact me @ info@wyszukajpionowo.pl.

Below please find my more detailed skills:
- Visial Basic programming in Excel (Excel VBA)
- reports and data presentation (summaries, charts, tables, PowerPoint presentations)
- business data analysis (e.g. complex profit & loss analysis)
- sales data analysis (trends, plans, budgets, etc.)
- stock data analysis (rotation, value, etc.)
- calculations automation (VBA macros)
- reports automation (VBA macros)
- automatic PowerPoint presentation update from Excel data (VBA macros)
- CSV file automation (Excel VBA)
- data science & analysis
- xml file preparation (mainly for VOD purposes)
- data extraction, data entry, data scraping.